MIL-PRF-8188D (SENT-8188)

Corrosion-Preventive, Aircraft Turbine Engine, Synthetic Base

SENT-8188 is a light amber-colored inhibited synthetic ester based gas turbine lubricating and preservative oil. SENT-8188 is formulated for limited use in aircraft gas turbine engines designed to operate on MIL-PRF-7808 oils and provides long term storage and corrosion prevention.

SENT-8188 is intended for preservation of turboprop and turbojet engines. This corrosion preventative oil is capable of limited use, not to exceed 25 hours, as an aircraft engine lubricant, and can be used for both preservation and final acceptance runs of aircraft engines requiring MIL-PRF-7808 oils.

NATO Code: C-638

QPL Number: 6A

Labeling & Packaging Options: Customized language labeling available. Custom/customized sizes and options are available.


National Stock Numbers for MIL-PRF-8188D Corrosion Preventive Turbine Engine Oil

6850-00-209-7231 1 gal can
6850-00-273-2395 5 gal can

SENT-8188 is a registered trademark of Sentinel Inc, Milspec lubricants and industrial chemicals.

SENT-8188 meets all the requirements of, and is qualified to MIL-PRF-8188D. This fluid is identified by NATO Code: C-638.