MIL-PRF-7808 (SenLube7808) Gas Turbine Engine Oil

SenLube 7808 is a synthetic lubricating oil for gas turbine engines. A blend of high quality ester and additives to provide oxidation and corrosion resistance and antiwear protection, SenLube7808 provides exceptionally clean operating engine and prolonged oil drain intervals.


SenLube 7808 is used in the lubrication of aircraft gas turbine engines. For Military uses, SenLube 7808 (MIL-PRF-7808L GRADE 3 QPL NO. 17D-14) is not interchangeable with any other lubricating oils except those qualified under MIL-L-7808 or MIL-L-23699.

NATO Code: O-148

QPL Number: 17D-10

Labeling & Packaging Options: Customized language labeling available. Custom/customized sizes and options are available.

Packaging: SenLube 7808 (MIL-PRF-7808L qualified) is packaged in 8 Oz, 1 US Quart, 5 US Gallons, 55 US Gallons.


NSN: National Stock Numbers for MIL-PRF-7808L Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine, Synthetic

9150-00-108-5359 LGT-3 8 oz can
9150-00-782-2627 LGT-3 1 qt can
9150-00-270-4057 LGT-3 1 gal can
9150-00-782-2679 LGT-3 55 gal drum
9150-01-414-5926 LGT-4 1 qt can
9150-01-414-5927 LGT-4 1 gal can
9150-01-414-8141 LGT-4 55 gal drum

SenLube 7808 is a registered trademark of Sentinel Inc, Milspec lubricants and industrial chemicals.