MIL-PRF-23699G (SenSyn 23699 C/I) Aircraft Turbine Engine Oil

SenSyn 23699 C/I is a unique synthetic lubricant manufactured for use in stationary and aircraft turbine engines operating under very severe and harsh conditions.

SenSyn 23699 C/I (Corrosion Inhibiting) aircraft engine oil is qualified under the latest U.S. Military specification, MIL-PRF-23699 G.  C/I oils provide increased corrosion protection to engine bearings and components.


  • Aircraft Turbine Engines
  • Industrial and Marine Turbine Engines
  • Aircraft Accessory Gear Boxes (where specified)


  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Excellent Oxidative Stability
  • Excellent Hydrolytic Stability
  • Biodegradable
  • Approved under the latest U.S. military specification MIL-PRF-23699 C/I – Qualification Number 0-13G-6

NATO Code: H-544

QPL Number: HF-64

Labeling & Packaging Options: Customized language labeling available. Custom/customized sizes and options are available.


National Stock Numbers for MIL-PRF-23699G Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine, Synthetic

9150-00-180-6266 Class C/I 8 oz can
9150-00-985-7099 Class C/I 1 qt can
9150-00-681-5999 Class C/I 55 gal drum
9150-01-439-0764 Class HTS 8 oz can
9150-01-439-0756 Class HTS 1 qt can
9150-01-439-2070 Class HTS 55 gal drum
9150-01-476-1075 Class STD 8 oz can
9150-01-476-1074 Class STD 1 qt can
9150-01-476-1083 Class STD 55 gal drum

SENSYN 23699 C/I (MIL-PRF-23699G) is a registered trademark of Sentinel Inc, Milspec lubricants and industrial chemicals.