SenSyn ATF Synthetic Lubricant Fluid

SenSynATF provides outstanding performance in transmissions, power steering, and hydraulic applications (Group IV)

SenSyn ATF 100% Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid exceeds the performance requirements for virtually all domestic and foreign fluid applications. SenSyn ATF provides automatic transmissions, power steering units and hydraulic equipment with excellent lubricating protection and vastly improved performance over a wider temperature range than do conventional petroleum fluids.

Resists Oxidation and Thermal Degradation

SenSyn ATF resists thermal degradation from heat and oxidation three times longer than conventional transmission fluids do. It protects clutches, planetary gears, valves, pumps and seals from damaging sludge and varnish deposits. SenSyn ATF remains stable under high operating temperatures to prevent component overheating and to ensure cooler, smoother transmission operation.

Provides Low Temperature Protection

SenSyn ATF outperforms petroleum ATFs in low temperature fluidity. SenSyn ATF has a Brookfield viscosity rating of 4,530 cP at -40°F (-40°C), far surpassing both the current petroleum ATF pass/fail limit of 50,000 cP and the proposed limit of 20,000 cP. When a transmission fluid has a thick viscosity, shifting becomes difficult and wear due to lack of lubrication increases. SenSyn ATF provides easier starting, faster warm-ups, smoother shifting and improved fuel economy.

Anti-Wear Protection

SenSyn ATF’s unique synthetic formulation ensures smooth shifting and long, trouble-free transmission life. While most fluids fail between 11,000 to 12,000 cycles of the SAE #2 Friction Evaluation Test, SenSyn ATF tested to 20,000 cycles and remained within the static torque limits. In addition, its anti-wear additive package makes SenSyn ATF an excellent lubricant in hydraulic systems. In tests designed to measure wear characteristics under severe service and high pressure operating conditions, SenSyn ATF far exceeded the requirements of hydraulic equipment manufacturers.

Extended Drain Intervals

SenSyn ATF is formulated for extended drain intervals. Transmissions usually operate under severe service conditions. They are subjected to extensive idling, frequent short trips, cold temperature driving, sustained hot weather driving or trailer towing. If a conventional transmission fluid is used, it would have to be changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. SenSyn ATF can last up to five times longer than conventional fluids last.