Transport Biolav 50 De-icing Toilet Chemical

Transport Biolav 50 is a new technology high performance, ready-to-use, 100% environmentally responsible de-icing toilet chemical for locomotives, transport vehicles and portable toilets. A blend of biodegradable antigel, disinfectant, cleaners and masking agents in one ready-to-use product.

Environmentally Responsible

  • Does not contain glycols or urea.
  • Much lower Biological Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) than glycol based blends.
  • Biodegrades at ambient as well as at low temperature.
  • Biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water.
  • Does not require efficient treatment in case of spillage

Excellent Performance

  • Excellent Anti-Icing Characteristics.
  • Active at low temperature. Product has a freezing point of less than –20oF.
  • Almost 30% longer working life than propylene glycol based products.


Quality environmentally friendly ingredients in optimum specification quantities providing a ready-to-use activity/colour coded blend.

Disinfectant/Antimicrobial Properties

Transport Biolav 50 contains a highly efficient, non-toxic disinfectant/ anti-microbial moiety exihibiting excellent antimicrobial activity, demonstrating a rapid speed of kill even in the presence of proteins and enzymes.

Cost Effective

  • Lower up-front cost.
  • No effluent treatment or emergency response procedure in case of shop spillage.
  • Lower septic disposal cost at turn around facilities and/or maintenance facilities.