Rail Specialty Products

Rail Industry Products

The unique demands of the rail industry requires high performance chemicals and fluids.  Sentinel provides quality rail chemical products, including washes, degreasers, metal parts cleaners, disinfectants, locomotive washes, toilet and boiler treatments, and other specialty chemical products.

Sentinel also provides highly efficient lubricants, high performance oils, specialist greases, solvents and lubrication products for railroads, railways, trams, and metros.


Rail vehicles must be carefully maintained to last for decades of frequent usage. Sentinel provides a full range of lubricants, cleaners, washes, and greases designed for every rail industry application including fleet and track maintenance to ensure comprehensive friction management.

We supply lubrication products for track maintenance and to enhance the reliability and of rolling stock, trains and carriages. Proper lubrication helps to dramatically reduce wheel-rail damage while preventing or reducing train wheel-rail noises and curve squeaking.

Sentinel provides a complete range of technologically advanced rail lubrication materials, engine treatments, washes and cleaners for all rail industry demands including:

Cleaners & Degreasers

Locomotive cleaner-degreaser, circulating cabinet cleaners, toilet and boiler cleaners and treatments

Railroad Engine Oil

Highest Quality, Corrosion Inhibitors

Rail Fleet Maintenance

Engines, Hydraulic Systems, Gears, Bearings

Track Maintenance

Curved Rail, Friction Modifiers, Wheel Flange Lubricants, Switch Points and Slidechairs

Sentinel’s Rail Lubricant Customer Support Team

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable rail experts can provide you with complete wheel and rail lubricants from one source.  We pride ourselves in excellence in customer support and knowledge. Sentinel’s rail product support team is happy to offer you with helpful support and purchasing advice.

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