RadKleen II Diesel Engine Cooling System Descaler and Rust Remover

RadKleen II is a ready-to-use Diesel Engine Cooling System Descaler and Rust Remover. RadKleen II has been formulated to meet all requirements of the specification GEK-61255B approved by GE for the maintenance of locomotive cooling system.


  • A qualified and proven product for descaling and rust removing in diesel engine cooling system in accordance to GEK-61255B.
  • A ready-to-use clear yellowish solution. Product’s active ingredients are present in conditioned water carrier.
  • An extended shelf life for an organic acid descaler.


Product to be used as per Diesel Engine Cooling System Maintenance manual (Refer to GE maintenance manual as an example).

For proper application, consult your Local Sentinel Representative or contact Sentinel’s Technical Department at 1-800-361-2517.