DEO Plus

Deo-Plus air spray space deodorant and odour counteractant. Deo-Plus is a water base liquid deodorant for use as an air mist or as a contact-type odour counteractant (can be sprayed on surfaces) in closed spaces including train cars and transporation vehicles, and in offices, bathrooms, hospitals, and nursing homes. Deo-Plus air deodorant gives a long lasting pleasant fragrance and is effective on almost any type of odor including organic matter, animals, fire damage and more.

Benefit Profile & Uses



Chemically deactivates source of bad odours.


Wide Range of Uses

Effective on all types of odours produced by cigarette smoke, vomit, organic matter, food spillage, garbage, perspiration, pets, zoo animals, carpet cleaning solution, fire damage, hospital and nursing homes.



Contains only biodegradable emulsifiers.



Can be dispensed as an air mist using hand sprayers or squirted directly on surface.