AeroSen Smoke Oil

AeroSen Smoke Oil is a mineral oil based aerobatic fog oil formulated with minimal additives to provide oxidation protection as well as low temperature fluidity in aircraft smoke generation and fogging systems.


AeroSen Smoke Oil is recommended for aerobatic and agricultural fog and smoke generation systems.  Its low temperature fluidity ensures effective operation in a wide range of operating temperatures in turbine as well as positive displacement oil pumping systems.  AeroSen Smoke Oil can also be coloured with standard mineral oil dyes commonly used in display systems. AeroSen Smoke Oil is available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.  Other package sizes may be available on special request.


AeroSen Smoke Oil meets most requirements of agricultural and aerobatic display standards currently in acceptance worldwide.


In the event of aircraft engine failure or emergency, it is recommended that the smoke or fog generating system be turned off immediately to avoid any potential fire hazard from accumulating smoke oil.