SL-30 Synthesized Multi-Viscous Oil (Group II)

SL 30 is a multi-viscous oil. To be used in applications where a low, medium or high viscosity oil is needed. SL 30 is a grade 20W/40. APPLICATIONS:

SL 30 is superior to common petroleum oil. Its excellent antileak properties and non-drip performance makes it an ideal oil for the lubrication of conveyors and overhead chains.

SL 30 contains anticorrosion, antioxidant and extreme pressure additives that provide superior protection and extended oil change intervals far longer than conventional petroleum oils. It is especially recommended for the lubrication of small precision gearing, machine tool ways, low speed spindles, electric motors, bearings, chains and conveyors.

Contains antifoam, antioxidant, antirust, antiwear, mild EP.