SENT-VV-L-800 Low Temperature Lubricating Oil

SENT-VV-L-800 is a product blended with mineral oil and unique additives for rust and corrosion inhibition. It has outstanding characteristics to displace water. It meets as a P-9 rust inhibitor under MIL-STD-2073-1C.


SENT-VV-L-800 is an excellent product for the lubrication and protection against corrosion of automatic and small arms.  To stop gum or corrosion development during storage of small engine, pour slowly into the carburetor until the engine stops.  This will prevent valves from sticking during start-up.

Other Applications

SENT-VV-L-800 is an excellent general-purpose lubricant where water displacement and corrosion protection is required.  Especially recommended for locks, hinges, chains, electric motors and hunting and camping equipment.

Special Instructions (extreme cold)

SENT-VV-L-800 is not recommended at temperature below -70°F. For extreme low temperature applications, use SENT 7870.


Product is packaged in 1-Litre Can, 1-Gallon Can, 5-Gallon Pail and 55-Gallon Drum.

Special packaging is also available.