SenSyn NEP Synthetic Bearing and Gear Lubricant

SenSyn NEP Premium Quality Synthetic bearing and gear oils (non-extreme pressure oil). SenSyn NEP Oils, formulated with the highest quality synthetic (PAO) hydrocarbons, are blended for the lubrication of bearings and gears operating under severe conditions. Available in ISO Grades 150 – 220 – 320 – 460.


  • High Performance Lubrication
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Outstanding Rust and Corrosion Protection o Excellent Water Separation Properties
  • Entirely compatible with elastomers, gaskets, seals and paints normally used in systems designed for use with conventional mineral oils.


  • Oil circulation systems
  • Moderately loaded plain or roller bearings o Recommended for “sealed-for-life” systems
  • Enclosed and lightly loaded industrial reduction gear systems subjected to severe operating conditions, such as high temperatures, wide temperature variations and long oil servicing intervals.