SenSyn 1138 Synthetic Polyester Based Lubricant (Group IV)

SenSyn1138 Synthetic Lubricant is a unique synthetic lubricant designed to lubricate the roller chains used in industrial ovens where air temperatures often exceed 500oF. It is an ashless fluid and does not contain residue forming solids such as molybdenum disulfide or graphite. While designed for oven chain use, SenSyn 1138 may be used in many industrial applications where clean, high temperature performance is essential, such as impregnated bearings, tenter frames, sealed for life units, etc.

Benefit Profile & Uses


Energy Efficient

Because SenSyn 1138 is a clean, fluid-film lubricant, it will frequently provide significant reductions in equipment energy consumption.


Exceptional High Temperature Stability

SenSyn 1138 is based entirely on polyol ester stocks and does not use unstable polymers to build viscosity. This results in a reduced tendency to form carbon and varnish deposits in high temperature applications.


Better Protection

SenSyn 1138 is formulated to provide excellent protection against wear, rust, oxidation and corrosion thus extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.


Low Volatility

SenSyn 1138 maintains a liquid lubricating film at elevated temperatures thus effecting substantially longer lubrication intervals and reduced lubricant consumption.



SenSyn 1138 is an ashless lubricant. This helps to eliminate the accumulation of solids that create maintenance clean-up problems and down time. In fact, SenSyn 1138 is often credited with helping to clean chains already dirtied from inferior lubricants.


USDA Approval

SenSyn 1138 is approved by USDA for H-2 (formerly BB) service.