MIL-PRF-6085E (SENT-6085)

Low Volatility Synthetic Aircraft Instrument Lubricant Oil 

SENT-6085 synthetic aircraft lubricating oil is designed for use in aircraft instruments, electronic equipment, and precision actuators and bearings. SENT-6085 aircraft lubricating oil can be used for both high and low-temperature applications where a lubricating oil with low volatility is required and where long-term oxidation and corrosion stability are required.

NATO Code: O-147

QPL Number: AFPET/PTPT 13-001


National Stock Numbers for MIL-PRF-6085D Lubricating Oil, Instrument, Aircraft, Low Volatility

9150-00-664-6518 1.5 oz bottle
9150-00-257-5449 4 oz can
9150-00-223-4129 1 qt can
9150-01-311-5640 1 gal can
9150-01-018-8959 5 gal can

SENT-6085 is a registered trademark of Sentinel Inc, Milspec lubricants and industrial chemicals.