MIL-L-46000C (1) (SENT-46000)

Semi-Fluid All-Weather Lubricant for Automatic Weapons

Sent-46000 is a light tan colored synthetic based semi-fluid grease with a lithium stearate thickener. Modern technology additives provide oxidation and corrosion resistance as well as rust protection and anti-wear properties.

Sent-46000 (Milspec MIL-L-46000C (1) is intended for use in automatic weapons systems and accessory equipment operating in severe environments and conditions where thin film and extreme pressure lubrication are encountered. Sent-46000 is recommended for the lubrication of weapons such as M2, M61, M134, GAUs, and other weapons systems where high cyclic rates of fire are encountered. Sent-46000 is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65°F to to 260°F.

Sent-46000 is also a suitable lubricant for precision gearboxes and worm drives where a low starting torque in cold temperatures is required as well as in applications where it is necessary to pump semi-fluid grease through small orifices.

NATO Code: O-158

QPL Number: FA LAB REPORT 155837


National Stock Numbers for Sent-46000 (MIL-L-46000C) Lubricant, Semi-Fluid, Automatic Weapons

9150-00-935-6597 2 oz bottle
9150-00-889-3522 4 oz bottle
9150-00-687-4241 1 qt can
9150-00-753-4686 1 gal can

SENT-46000 is a registered trademark of Sentinel Inc, lubricants and industrial chemicals.