Liquid Railway Biokleen III Locomotive and Parts Cleaner

Liquid Railway Biokleen III locomotive and parts cleaner is new generation of heavy-duty biodegradable, non caustic, non acid and non solvent cleaner.

Liquid Railway Biokleen III is an efficient blend designed to remove dirt, grease, grime, exhaust deposits as well as. Highly concentrated environmentally friendly, the product efficiently cleans without emulsification.

Benefit Profile & Uses



Liquid Railway Biokleen III is a concentrated non-emulsifying technology that allows for very high dilution ratio at use point (see application), and contrary to other locomotive cleaners, does not require any effluent treatment as soil removal is achieved via induced electrostatic repulsion that removes soil rather than emulsifying it.


Biodegradable and Non-Corrosive

A non-caustic, non acid, non corrosive and non solvent blend that contains high levels of wetting agents, surfactants and water softeners. Innovatively depolarizes surface and loosens dirt, film and grease.


Environmentally Safe

Contains no caustic, acids, solvents, phosphates or phosphate derivatives. Ideal for open application and for shops with no effluent treatment plants.



  1. Does not emulsify hydrocarbons into aqueous phase.
  2. Works by lifting up oil, grease, dirt and grime rather than emulsifying them.
  3. Achieves oil and aqueous separation within seconds without compromising product efficiency.
  4. Ideal for open system washing.

Directions for Use

A highly concentrated product to be mixed with up to 20 parts of water for efficient exterior locomotive cleaning. Apply to dry surface for optimum results

For optimum results, consult your local Sentinel Canada’s Representative.

Besides being a non-corrosive, safe and efficient technology, Liquid Railway Biokleen III also does not require any effluent treatment. Ideal for all types of wash facilities.