SenSyn 87257

Hydraulic Fluid for Aerospace Applications, Aircraft and Missiles, Synthetic Fire Resistant Low Temperature

SenSyn 87257 is a red-colored synthetic based fluid for use in hydraulic systems which require reliable operation in an extreme wide temperature range as well as performance outside the capability of traditional MIL-PRF-5606 and MIL-PRF-83282 fluids. SenSyn 87257 is super clean filtered to ensure optimum performance in particulate monitored systems. The high flash and fire points of SenSyn 87257 also provide an increased margin of safety over mineral based fluids. SenSyn 87257 is formulated with state of the art technology to provide oxidation and corrosion resistance as well as antiwear and antifoaming protection.

SenSyn 87257 is recommended for use in aircraft, ordnance, and missile systems operating from -54°C. to 135°C.  SenSyn 87257 hydraulic fluid may be used in auto pilots, shock struts, brakes, flight-control systems, hydraulic servo-control systems, and other systems using synthetic elastomer seals. This fluid is especially recommended for high altitude aircraft that normally operate with extended loiter times and high endurance requirements such as UAV’s and unmanned ELINT systems.

SenSyn 87257 is compatible with all systems designed to operate with Milspec MIL-PRF-5606, MIL-PRF-6083, MIL-PRF-83282, and MIL-PRF-46170 fluids.