SenSyn700 Series Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids

The SenSyn700 Series (732-746-768-786) Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids (GROUP IV) are fire resistant, anti-wear, synthetic hydraulic fluids based on advanced PAO and Ester technology. Designed for use in hydraulic systems operating over a wide temperature range where petroleum based fluid may not provide adequate high/low temperature performance and where a greater degree of fire safety is required.

Developed specifically for use with gear, piston or vane pumps operating over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Meets Vickers 104C vane pump performance requirements.

Improved Performance

Designed to operate over a wide range of temperatures and pressures with less change in viscosity than comparable petroleum based fluids. This results in:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Extended pump life
  • Improved overall performance.

Increased Safety

Low vapor pressure:

  • Decreases vapor loss.
  • Reduces deposits.
  • Dramatically lowers fire hazard.
  • Excellent seal, jacket and hose compatibility reducing the risk of leaks.

Anti-wear additives minimizing pump wear

  • Corrosion inhibitors and excellent demulsibility result in long component life.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as a result of exceptional oxidation stability affording fluid life up to eight times that of petroleum oils.