SL SSF H2 Food Grade Semi-Fluid Grease

SL SSF is an antirust, antifoam, semi-fluid grease providing resistance to oxidation and wear.

SL SSF is an “anti-leak” E.P. grease for gears, to be used alone or mixed with multi-purpose lubricants for gears. This grease does not contain lead or other heavy metal base additives. The grease is oxidation resistant and water insoluble with antriust and extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.


SL SSF is ideal for heavy machinery using an automatic lubrication system such as cranes, as well as for mining machinery and other equipment where grease should drain off by gravity at ambient temperatures. It is excellent for:

  • Industrial machinery applications.
  • Dispensing equipment requiring a grease to slump by gravity at ambient temperatures.
  • Mining and forestry equipment.
  • Applications requiring an anti-leak and extreme-pressure gear lube.
  • For central systems where harder consistency grade grease will not pump in cold weather conditions.


SL SSF is a NSF H2 food grade lubricant that can be used on equipment and machine parts where there is no possibility of food contact.