SL-LT2 Low Temperature Grease

SL-LT2 is a synthesized versatile grease engineered for a wide range of applications. SL-LT2 is inhibited against corrosion and fortified against oxidation. It has excellent anti-wear properties, load carrying capacities and water resistance, combine with a wide useful temperature range of -54°C to 107°C make it an ideal grease for forestry, mining, transportation, and other industrial uses.

Lightly coloured and low staining, SL-LT2 is highly washout resistant. Fully additive treated, SL-LT2 has antirust, extreme pressure/anti-wear and antioxidant properties and outstanding low temperature performance.


Wheel bearings, engine accessories, general anti-friction bearings operating at high speeds and at high or low temperatures.


Meets military specifications MIL-10924C, titles “Grease Automotive and Artillery”.