SL-GLC is a NLGI No. 1 1⁄2 multi-purpose lithium grease intended for a wide range of applications.

SL-GLC Lithium Grease provides long lasting lubrication with excellent water and corrosion protection. It is ideal for centralized systems, air lubricators, and hand packed applications. It is also an excellent grease for lubricating joints, bearings, châssis, ball joints, electric motors, connections and pumps.

SL-GLC lithium grease is fortified with polymer additives providing exceptional performance on a wide range of industrial applications and especially in lubricating central systems where its extreme-pressure properties impart a high degree of wear resistance. SL-GLC satisfies the USDA-H2’s lubricating requirements for food processing and packaging machinery.

Benefit Profile & Uses



Fortified with polymer additives which provide excellent adhesivity on metal surfaces for extended time intervals.


Reduction of Friction

Polymer additives fortified grease providing excellent lubricity which reduce friction between moving surfaces resulting in energy saving.


Reduction of Inventory

This multi-purpose grease can be used in applications where a NLGI 1or 2 grade is required, reducing inventory due to the use of one single versatile product.


Reduction of Operating Temperatures

Its capacity to diminish friction between surfaces results in operating temperature reduction, equipment longevity and increase in production.


Wear Resistance

Its extreme-pressure properties and unctuousness impart a high degree of wear resistance reducing downtime.


Extreme-Pressure Properties

Provides high load-carrying capacities with 60 lb Timken OK Load which impart optimal protection in centralized systems used in mining, construction and industrial machinery.


Cleaner Service

The polymer additives being soluble in oil, it will not form solid deposits. The result is a cleaner system and optimal performance.


Low Oil Separation

The base oil with its high viscosity index provides low oil separation, a property required in grease intended for lubricating central systems (Fast oil separation reduces lubricating efficiency).

Directions for Use

SL-GLC is used directly from the container. For optimal results, old grease should be removed completely and system cleaned. If this is not practical, old can be removed by purging the system repeatedly with new grease.


SL-GLC grease satisfied the USDA-H2 lubricating requirements for meat and poultry processing and packaging machinery submitted to federal government inspection.