SL-123 (C) Synthesized Lithium Complex Grease (Group II)

SL 123 (C) is a versatile, multi-purpose premium grade lithium complex grease with excellent performance in severe high temperature applications and unsurpassed performance in normal applications.

Temperature Performance

SL 123 (C) grease is multi-purpose grease that can be used over a very wide operating range. Strong temperature performance comes from a 550°F dropping point, the 80 lb (36 Kg) Timken test and the excellent base oil and polymer selection. SL 123  (C) is an NLGI 2 consistency grade and contains no fillers. With a pour point of -20oC, this synthesized grease is easy to handle at operating temperature of -10°C. In very cold weather, it is recommended to store the grease indoor, at room temperature.

Industrial, Transportation, Mining, Forestry Uses

Industrial plants will reduce maintenance costs substantially for anti-friction bearings, conveyors, forklifts and all high-temperature bearing applications when SL 123 ( C ) grease is placed in service. A truly versatile performer highly recommended for disc brake wheel bearings and specifically approved for use in Rockwell and Spicer Universal joints.

Severe service requirements such as Disc Brake Wheel Bearings, Fan Hubs, Back-Hoe.

Hinge Pins and Oven Conveyor Bearings are examples of applications where SL 123 (C).

Hi-temp Grease should USED TO ADVANTAGE. Mining operations, sand / gravel plants and construction equipment where shock loads are placed on bearings will benefit from the use of SL 123 ( C ) Grease.