Lubricant, Weapons, Semi-Fluids (High Load-Carrying Capacity)

SENT-46150 is a light tan colour synthetic based semi-fluid grease with a lithium stearate thickener.  It is fortified a blend of high performance additives providing antioxidation, anticorrosion, antirust and antiwear properties.  The extra PTFE added to the product makes it extremely abrasion resistant and adaptable to the harshest environments.  SENT 46150 may also be considered for use in worm drive and planetary gearboxes operating in extreme cold or harsh environments. 


  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Outstanding antirust and antioxidation properties
  • Excellent antiwear protection from metal-to-metal contact

SENT-46150  is intended for use in automatic weapons systems and accessory equipment operating in severe environments.  It is recommended for the lubrication of weapons such as M61, M134, GPUs, GAUs, and other weapon systems where high cyclic rates of fire are encountered.  SENT-46150 is suitable for use in temperatures from -65°F to 260°F.