SenSyn HPG-2  100% Synthetic Grease (Group IV Base Oil)

SenSyn HPG-2 is an exceptionally versatile, truly multi-purpose grease. SenSyn HPG-2 is a new generation of versatile polyurea grease and formulated with a synthetic base oil for use in extremely low temperature operating conditions (below -40°C) where good pump-ability (over this range) is required. This grease also possesses excellent high temperature and long life EP properties, and was tested against lithium complex grease with outstanding results.

SenSyn HPG-2 provides long life protection better than any soap thickened petroleum grease for demanding equipment and operating conditions. It is also recommended for “sealed for life” applications.

Outstanding Grease Properties

This excellent grease will not washout in water, bleed at high temperature or require relube while meeting the demands of extreme heat or frigid cold. It can be used in a Centralized System and passed the Trabon Centralized Lube System Test with flying colours. In Wheel Bearing Testing, SenSyn HPG-2 lasted over twice as long as a premium lithium complex grease.

Protection Under Extreme Pressure – The Timken OK Load Test of this new generation polyurea grease offers an outstanding load capacity.

Superior Corrosion Resistance – SenSyn HPG-2 is a high performance grease with the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Excellent low temperature properties due to the thickener characteristics
  • Water Resistance
  • Shear stability – “heals” (returns to original consistency) after shearing (This feature is not common to soap thickened greases).

SenSyn HPG-2 also offers many advantages over lithium complex greases including longer life, better water resistance, equal or better shear stability, excellent low temperature performance, good elastomer compatibility, and excellent compatibility with other greases. SenSyn HPG-2 out-performs soap-thickened greases and is environmentally friendly (free of heavy metals and chlorinated compounds).


Provides significant protection in automotive, industrial and agricultural wheel bearing applications where temperatures can be high due to heat from disc brakes. Also provides long life service of wheel bearings which may not get relubricated when disc brake pads are replaced.

Excellent for chassis lubrication because of superior low temperature properties, shear stability and water resistance.

Preferred grease for lubrication of anti-friction bearings.

Construction equipment, paper mills, conveyors and industrial machinery can all benefit from its long-lasting protection.

But at the same time, retains all of the Outstanding Characteristics of Lithium Complex Greases:  NLGI (GC-LB rated) multi-purpose, excellent EP properties, excellent rust protection (1,1,1 rated), high drop point, compatible with elastomer seals (Neoprene, Nitrile, Hytrel, Silicon)