SenSyn 5000 Synthetic Gear and Bearings Lubricant

SenSyn 5000 Series Synthetic Gear and Bearing Lubricants are based on synthesized hydrocarbon and ester technology and are formulated with additives to afford rust, oxidation, and corrosion protection. It is designed for use under severe operating conditions such as extreme high or low temperatures and applications where high flash points can provide a greater safety factor.  Available in ISO Viscosity Grades 32,46,68,100,150,220,320,460 and 680.


  • Lightly loaded enclosed industrial gear sets.
  • Moderately loaded plain or roller bearings.
  • Circulating oil systems where long life is required.
  • High speed spindles.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent thermal-oxidative stability.
  • Wide operating temperature ranges.
  • Extended service life and longer drain intervals.
  • Reduced disposal costs.
  • Improved cleanliness.
  • Excellent replacement for mineral lubricants
  • Compatible with most paints, gaskets, and seals used with mineral oil based systems.