PolySen-EM Polyurea Based Lubricating Grease (Group II)

PolySen-EM is a long lasting multi-functional grease utilizing a polyurea thickener. This new generation grease offers an excellent thermal stability over a wide range of temperatures. It provides superior shear resistance compared to convenional polyurea greases under mechanical shear forces. PolySen-EM offers excellent water washout resistance and outstanding protection against rust and oxidation. Its consistency is maintained under extreme conditions.

PolySen-EM is fortified with high performance additives and performs effectively under a wide range of conditions and extreme pressures. The grease maintains its consistency when exposed to high temperatures.


  • Excellent extreme pressure properties
  • Exceptional protection against rust and oxidation
  • Outstanding performance at high temperature
  • Excellent water washout resistance.
  • Long lasting optimal lubrication
  • Excellent resistance under extreme conditions and shock load.


PolySen-EM is recommended by major bearing and electric motor manufacturers for long-lasting lubricating protection and applications such as vertically mounted bearings, or very large motors where a stiffer grease consistency may be required.

Key Applications

  • Electric motor bearings
  • High-temperature pump bearings
  • Sealed-for-life ball bearings
  • Ball or roller bearings operating at high temperatures where low oil separation is required.
  • Ball or roller bearings operating in noise sensitive environments.