SL 90W/140 Gear Oil

SL 90W/140 gear oil provides excellent performance and protection in gear boxes, manual transmissions, transfer cases, power drives.

SL 90W/140 is highly recommended as a superior break-in lubricant for all new and rebuilt gear sets.

SL 90W/140 gives better protection than conventional gear lubricants, extends drain and refill requirements. Competitive tests have shown a significant decrease in operating temperatures plus an increase in power with SL 90W/140 in place of the conventional gear lubricants.

SL 90W/140 is designed to meet “Life of the Axle” lubricating requirements of modern vehicles.


  • Wider range of operating temperatures
  • Multigrade viscosity
  • No variation of viscosity under normal operating conditions
  • Reduction of friction at low temperatures
  • Good start-up lubrication resulting in reduction of oil consumption and substantial energy savings
  • Optimal protection under high speed and heavy shock load operating conditions obtained from E.P. and antiwear additives