SL 75W/90 Gear Oil (Group III)

SL 75W/90, Sentinel synthesized enclosed gear oil (synthesized blend) is a high quality synthesized polymer base oil for enclosed gears.

Highly recommended as a break-in lubricant for new and rebuilt gear sets, SL 75W/90 is designed to meet the long-lasting lubrication requirements of modern automotive axle bearing.

Product Features

  • Excellent anti-friction protection
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation at high temperatures
  • Non-carbon oil leaving system deposit free
  • Long-lasting protection extending drain intervals
  • Excellent performance under a wide range of operating temperatures

SL 75W/90 oil is intended to provide superior lubricating protection to gear boxes, manual transmissions, transfer boxes, power drives. SL 75W/90 can be used under severe operating conditions at high and low temperatures where it ensures superior protection than conventional oils and extends drain intervals resulting in a substantial reduction in oil consumption.