SENT-MARINE 17331 Steam Turbine and Gear Lubricant

SENT-MARINE 17331 is a high quality steam turbine and gear lubricating oil uniquely formulated for use on naval surface vessels and submarines.  The product meets specific performance requirements as per military standard and passes all health and safety assessments as required by the U.S. Navy.


SENT-MARINE 17331 is recommended for use in main and auxiliary turbines and gears, air compressors and certain hydraulic equipment as well as for general mechanical lubrication  general mechanical lubrication on naval surface vessels and submarines.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent demulsibility
  • Rust inhibited
  • High thermal and oxidation stability to prolong service life
  • Good antifoam and air release properties


SENT-MARINE 17331 is fully approved by the U.S. Navy and has been tested against U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-17331K, Military symbol 2190 TEP and NATO SYMBOL 0-250.

Handling Precautions

It is recommended to use neoprene or nitrile rubber gloves and safety glasses or chemical splash goggles when handling SENT-MARINE 17331.  The Safety Data Sheet should be consulted for specific information and for information on health and safety when handling the product.