SenSyn PG EP Synthetic Lubricant

SenSyn PG EP Fluids are polyglycol high temperature lubricating fluids for gears, rolling and plain bearings. SenSyn PG EP Fluids provide little viscosity change over a wide range of temperatures resulting in oil long-lasting life and superior lubricating protection to equipment operating at very high temperatures.

SenSyn PG EP Fluids are not compatible with petroleum oils. Equipment parts that have been lubricated with petroleum oils must be thoroughly cleaned before using SenSyn PG EP Fluids.

SEN SYN PG EP Fluids are suitable:

  • For bearing lubrication in enclosed circulating systems at temperatures up to 200°C. For enclosed spur and bevel gears, especially well suited for worm gears.
  • As hydraulic fluid at low temperatures.

Can be applied with an automatic lubricating system, metering equipment, or by spraying.  FZG tests have shown that water condensation or up to 5% of water has practically no effect on gear wear. The additives fortified SenSyn PG EP fluids pass the copper and steel strip corrosion tests.

Attention: Can attack paint. Must not be mixed with minerals oils. SenSyn PG EP fluids are compatible with ferrous and most non ferrous metals.