SenSyn EP – C Series (220-680)

SenSyn Synthetic EP Series: C220, C320, C460, C680, C1000 Industial Gear Lubricants (Group IV)

SenSyn Synthetic EP Industrial Gear Lubricants are especially formulated to protect moderate to heavily loaded industrial gears and bearings. These gear lubricant products provide excellent anti-wear and load carrying capability as well as unique feature of strong rust inhibitor and demulsibility performance.

SenSyn Synthetic EP industrial gear lubricants meet or exceed the requirements of the industry standard U.S. Steel 224 and AGMA 250.04 EP gear lubricant specifications.

SenSyn Synthetic EP Industrial Gear Lubricants are blended with advanced 100% synthetic basestocks and EP additives. The products provide improved high temperature stability, cleanliness, low temperature fluidity and maximum lubricity. The products’ formulation helps to reduce costs by extending service intervals, eliminating seasonal oil changes and reducing power consumption.

SenSyn Synthetic EP Industrial Gear Lubricants are ideal for ball bearings, rollers, gears of bridge cranes where a lubricant meeting AGMA EP performance requirements is required and other types of anti-friction bearings. They are also suitable for use in most types of closed gears, except worm gears*.

* Worm gear OEMs generally oppose the use of EP lubricants on worm gears made of soft bronze due to compatibility concerns.


  • Excellent Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • A Good General Purpose Lubricant

Special Instructions

Do not use SenSyn 3150 lubricating oil for internal preservation for combustion engines.


SenSyn 3150 lubricating oil is packaged in 5 US Gallons and 55 US Gallons.

Military Specification:  MIL-PRF-3150E

QPL Number:  L-6582