SenSyn EP 80W/140 Synthetic Gear Lubricant

SenSyn EP 80W/140 is a heavy-duty extreme-pressure GL-5 synthetic gear lubricant specially formulated for extended drain and severe service in heavy-duty drive axles.

SenSyn EP 80W/140 is a fully synthetic base stock with high viscosity index and low pour point blended with an extreme-pressure additive along with rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to provide superior performance and protection.


SenSyn EP 80W/140 provides:

  • Extended Drain Intervals
  • All-Climate, Year-Round Performance
  • Highly Stable Under Conditions of Severe Heat, Oxidation and Shear
  • Superior Low Temperature Performance
  • Extremely Low Channel Point
  • Good Foam Control
  • Improved Component Protection
  • Reduced Component Wear
  • Longer Drive Axle and Lubricant Life
  • Extended Seal Life
  • Excellent Demulsibility
  • Improved Fuel Economy and Horsepower