SenSynCD50 Synthetic Gear Oil for Manual Transmissions

SenSyn CD 50 is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant designed for extended drain and severe service in heavy-duty manual transmissions. A fully synthetic base stock with high viscosity index and low pour point is blended with an anti-wear additive, plus rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to provide superior performance and protection.

SenSyn CD 50 Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Extended Drain Intervals
  • All-Climate, Year-Round Performance
  • Superior Low Temperature Performance
  • Highly Stable Under Conditions of Severe Heat, Oxidation and Shear
  • Easier Cold Weather Shifting
  • Good Foam Control
  • Improved Component Protection
  • Reduced Component Wear
  • Longer Transmission & Lubricant Life
  • Extended Seal Life
  • Improved Fuel Economy

Specifications and Approvals

SenSyn CD 50 meets the following builder approvals and industry specifications:

  • Eaton Roadranger Extended Drain (E500) / PS 164/081
  • AvinMeritor Extended Drain 0/81
  • Mack TO-A Plus
  • Volvo STD 97305
  • API GL-4/MT-1