Cansen M-Go Series EP Gear Oils (Group II)

Cansen M-Go Series, hydrotreated mineral-based gear oils are group II mineral-based oils engineered for EP industrial gears. These industrial gear oils are ideal for aiding the long service life of all types of gears used in the industry and designed for high pressure applications.

Cansen M-Go Series have been especially formulated with highly refined hydrotreated oils yielding higher viscosity index (VI) than solvent refined mineral-based oils called API Group I.

They are premium quality EP industrial gear oils providing long service life to heavily loaded or shock loaded bearings and gear sets.

Cansen M-Go Series are specifically formulated for applications with extreme high pressure in all types of gear sets, excluding built-in-variable speed friction drives. Cansen M-Go Series are approved and meet the requirements of Chrysler and General Motors.