P861 Locomotive Radiator Water Treatment

P861 is a premium powdered briquette product intended to protect locomotive cooling water systems against rust, corrosion and scaling. P861 radiator water treatment provides optimal results from both a cost, and high performance standpoint.

Product Benefits

  • Provides anti-corrosion protection of all metals in locomotive cooling systems.
  • Exceeds ASTM D-1384 specifications with EMD modifications.
  • Is economical and clean, producing no dust or mess.
  • Presented in zip-lock bag easy to handle and reducing waste.

Usage Directions

Add P861 at a ratio of 15 lb per 300-350 gallon system. Proper concentration can be monitored by color level, conductivity or nitrite titration. P861 is compatible with antifreeze solutions (ethylene or propylene glycol based).