SenSyn DE-30 Compressor Lubricant

SenSyn DE 30 is an ISO Viscosity Grade 100, 100% synthetic compressor lubricant fully formulated from the highest quality diester base fluids.

SenSyn DE 30 is recommended for both cylinder and crankcase lubrication in reciprocating compressors where a fluid of this viscosity is required.


  • Higher compressor efficiency
  • Reduced systems deposits
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer lubricant service life
  • Higher compressor reliability
  • Safer compressor operation

Product Features

  • Clean operation – lowest deposit forming tendencies
  • Extended lubricant life – excellent high temperature stability
  • Long bearing life – superior anti-wear performance
  • Less maintenance – excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Wide temperature range – high flash & fire points, low pour point
  • High separation efficiency – excellent demulsibility characteristics
  • Approved by USDA for H-2 (formerly BB) service


  • Circulating and splash lubricated rotary compressor systems
  • Rings and cylinder of reciprocating air compressors
  • Oil batch intake air cleaners
  • Airline oilers serving valves/cylinder on pneumatic equipment
  • Some gear, bearing, hydraulic and chain applications operating beyond petroleum oil


SenSyn DE 30 is compatible with petroleum compressor lubricants, however, blending or mixing with other fluids will reduce its high performance characteristics.

SenSyn DE 30 is recommended for use with fluorocarbon (Viton), fluorosilicone, polysulfide and high nitrile Buna-N elastomers. It is not recommended for use where neoprene, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR, Buna-S), butyl rubber, or low nitrile Buna-N seals are present.