SentiSpray 200 RA Cleaner

SentiSpray 200 RA is a concentrate liquid cleaner and detergent designed for heavy duty cleaning and for use with Procecco machines. SentiSpray is a low foaming liquid spray wash compound for spray cabinet parts washer. A superior quality degreaser-cleaner safe to use on all metals including aluminium zinc and galvanized metals.


  • Heavy Duty – Effectively removes grease, soil, grime, oil and lubricants.
  • Low Foaming – Very low and controlled foam. Ideal for use in spray cabinet washers.
  • Versatile – Could be used in metal working, transportation as well as Pulp and Paper Industry. May also be used in meat and poultry processing plants.
  • Unique – Provides short term in process rust protection. Has an excellent hard water control.
  • Biodegradable – Contains only biodegradable ingredients.

Usage Directions

Medium to heavy cleaning requires 2-4% of product (v/v). For optimum results, consult your local representative.

Safety Precautions

For industrial and institutional use only. The use of rubber gloves and protective goggles is always recommended.