Senestasol Degreaser Stripper

Senestasol biodegradable heavy-duty degreaser and stripper. Rapidly removes grease, oil, tar, wax, resin and glue. This unique product is also an excellent graffitti remover, paint stripper (especially lacquers, epoxy and other primers) and printing ink.

Benefit Profile & Uses


Low Toxicity

Senestasol is an extremely low toxicity solvent with minimal health and environmental risk. Senestasol biodegradable concentrate has a high flash point, low vapour pressure and hazard free storage.


Unique & Powerful

Senestasol is a unique and powerful solvent with an excellent solvency, high boiling point and controlled evaporation. It is an ideal replacement for isophorone, glycol ethers, acetates, high boiling ketones, aromatics, cresylic acid, cyclohexanone and many other solvents. Senestasol is also an excellent replacement for methylene chloride and acetone.


Effective Cleaner

Senestasol is also effective for cleaning equipment used in elastomer compounding, for cleaning equipment used for the application of polyurethane adhesives and foams, and for cleaning up unsaturated polystyrene residues.



Results show that Senestasol is readily biodegradable as 98% biodegrated within 28 days.