BriteSpray 630A Cleaner-Degreaser

BriteSpray 630A cleaner-degreaser is a heavy duty spray wash compound designed for electrical and mechanical components. BriteSpray 630A cleaner can be used to clean electrical and mechanical components and especially traction motors.

A superior quality degreaser-cleaner, BriteSpray 630A is safe to use on surface in a spray cabinet environment.


  • Efficient – Effectively removes grease, soil, grime, oil and lubricants.
  • Safe – Completely safe for use on all vanished motors and especially vanished traction motors , transformers,etc.
  • Versatile – Could be used in metal working, transportation, as well as, Pulp & Paper Industry.
  • Unique – Provides short term, in process rust protection. Has an excellent hard water control. None foaming formulation.
  • Biodegradable – Contains only biodegradable ingredients.