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Sentinel is a leading supplier of industrial fluids, lubricants, greases, oils, and chemical products for machinery, transportation, military (Milspec), rail, mining, forestry and other industries.


Milspec Fluids

Sentinel carries a large selection of highest quality Milspec lubricants and fluids. Our Milspec lubes and greases are used in the most advanced military equipment by military forces around the globe. More »


Rail Fluids

Sentinel’s rail support team can supply chemical products, cleaners, fluids, and lubricants designed to meet rail industry demands including fleet, railcar, track and tram operation. More »


Mining & Forestry Fluids

We supply high quality fluids, lubes, and oils that can withstand the heaviest demands and extreme temperatures of heavy machinery and vehicles in the forestry and mining industries. More »


Transportation Fluids

Keep everything moving with Sentinel’s high quality greases, oils, lubricants, cleaners and chemicals. Specialized for use in aircraft, marine, truck and rail transportation. More »


Cleaners & Chemicals

Sentinel’s professional grade specialty chemical products come in a variety of convenient sizes to help our customers increase productivity and provide a safe work environment. More »


Industrial Lubricants

Sentinel industrial lubricants are subject to stringent testing. Trust Sentinel’s expertise to help you get you the right lubricant products with the ideal properties for your needs. More »

Sentinel’s team will help you meet all your requirements for quality and performance – and lower your product cost. Our world-class customers have made Sentinel a leader in providing state-of-the-art industrial chemicals with our exclusive focus on lubricants and speciality fluids. Contact our highly qualified technical and service team. They will be pleased to help you meet all of your lubricant and chemical requirements.

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